Clubrooms and club gear




The Clubrooms (find us here) are the focal point of the club – they give us somewhere to store our boats, and get changed and they act as a start and finish place for some of our races, and as a gathering point for our training sessions.  They also have a gym and a pair of kayak ergs for extra training (particularly when the weather is filthy outside), a kitchen and a large meeting room for meetings and functions, with a TV and video for technique analysis.  There’s a bike rack for the mad rash fools (and there are plenty of us) who wish to cycle to and from their kayak sessions.

The new building was completed to the point we could start using it in April 2003 and was officially opened on the 7th of September 2003 by the Christchurch mayor, Garry Moore.  The Clubrooms are the result of a huge fundraising effort and a lot of hard work and time from a lot of members, and extra effort from a Gang of Four special members – Terry Duff (architect), Graham Allan (project co-ordinator), John Corney and Lloyd Bathurst – who drove the project at great risk to their marriages.  There’s still a lot to be done on the building, and money to be spent, if you think you can help out with specific things or funding, please see the Wishlist.

In August 2010 the extension to the clubrooms was completed following another huge effort.   We now have a total storage space of over 250 which is a fabulous resource for our members.  Storage is available for $120 for 12 months.  The extension also enabled the gym to move down into the newer part of the shed and provide much needed additional space.  In addition to the gym we have two kayak erg's located upstairs at present.

The September 2010 and subsequent February 2011 earthquakes saw a significant amount of lateral movement of the land under and around the club.  This resulted in substantial damage to the buildings.  Fortunately we are still able to use the club.

We wish to acknowledge the superb effort of Fulton Hogan for the work that they've done post earthquake, to allow use to continue to use our Club facilities.

Club boats and paddlesThree quarters of our fleet of new K1's being road tested

The club has a selection of kayaks for members to use, from the mild to the outrageous, a range of wing paddles, buoyancy aids, and a trailer set up for carrying kayaks.  Most are freely available for paddling on the Avon from the Clubrooms, first in first served, and all are available for races.  However, there are some constraints:

1.  Financial members only.  All users must be current members of the Arawa Canoe Club.  Club members have put in the effort and money to buy and maintain the boats, it’s only fair that they get to use them.

2.  Some of the kayaks need committee approval before you can use them.  They are special boats for one reason or another, and we don’t want them kicked around needlessly.  If you really need to use one, contact the Premises & Equipment Officer, who will get confirmation from another committee member, and give you clearance (if appropriate).

3.  Deep water only.  This is so the bottoms don’t get torn out of the kayaks over shallows and rocks – no matter how good a paddler you are, it will happen.

4.  Please don’t take any beginner boats out during organised coaching sessions (Thursday nights and Saturday mornings),  unless you’re coming with us on the technique training session.  There is a huge demand for those boats then, and we’ve had to turn people away because we don’t have a kayak for them, only to see the boat come in 5 minutes later.  If you are partaking in a beginner session and not yet a member your use of the boats is limited to the session times.  

5. Club gear may be hired for training or racing.  See the rules that apply to the hirage HERE.  Please note, If you plan to take the kayaks somewhere, Arawa need the assurance that you have suitable racks on your vehicle – especially for the Hypernovas – they’re bloody long boats.  You will need to complete a Boat Hire Form and return this to the Premises & Equipment Officer for approval in advance.

6. Report any damage.  Accidents happen, but if we don’t know about damage to club equipment, we can’t do anything about getting it fixed.  Wear and tear and minor repairs we can live with, but acts of gross stupidity (such as tying the boats down onto roofracks with enormous, boat-crushing strength) will be charged back to the perpetrator.  There may be some negotiation over who pays for how much, but don’t count on it.