Earthquake news

**14th November 2016 **

A visual inspection has been done at the Club and all seems well following the shake in the early hours of 14th November.

Contractors are in the process of sealing the carpark this week and work is underway to reinstate the footbridge and the access road to the club from Avonside Driver.  On behalf of all our members we are grateful to these improvements which will go a way to increase comfort and security around the club rooms.


Use of the Clubrooms

The Club has passed its DEE and has been deemed safe to continue to use.  We are grateful to Fulton Hogan for the work that they have done at Kerrs Reach which enables us to continue to operate from our clubrooms. 

The Avon, Heathcote & Estuary are safe to paddle on.....

BUT we wouldnt recommend swimming!  Please be aware, there is likely to be bacteria and viruses in sediments of the rivers and estuary. Recreational users are advised to avoid contact with water containing sediment they have stirred up. People should also avoid contact with all these waterways for 48 hours after heavy rainfall 


The Clubrooms live to fight another dayFront of building

Our Clubrooms have been deemed a rebuild, and we have been paid out by our Insurance Company.  However, until the Government decide what is to happen with the Red Zoned land around our Club, we are in limbo.  We are likely to be in our current building, at our current location for a few more years yet.