Membership and Storage

A club is only as good as its members, and Arawa has the whole spectrum from keen beginners to hardened veterans, people who just want to stay in shape, some who want a social paddle from time to time, and some who just want to go hard out racing.

Feedback from new members is that the club is very beginner-friendly, probably because we’ve all been there and asked the dumb questions, so we know what it’s like and are more than willing to help out.

Arawa members have been dominating New Zealand multisport for many years now, and it’s very satisfying to watch out-and-out beginners progress right through to the tops of their classes, and see other members continuing to do well at all levels of kayaking and multisport.


Membership has its privileges…

As a member, you’ll get full rights to use the Clubrooms, use of the club boats and paddles, preferential treatment for club races, discounts for some races, and discounts through some of our sponsors. More than that, you get access to a network of 400 or so crazed paddlers, either directly, or via the newsletter, so that all your exploits, gripes and opinions can be suitably voiced. (If you’re an advanced or well-known paddler, then any misadventures will probably be noted and transformed into entertainment for the rest of the club).

If you want to be a part of an enthusiastic, fast moving club, improve your paddling skills and have a good time doing so, download a membership form (Membership Form Word Version) fill it in, sign it, attach a cheque, and send it to PO Box 13-177, Christchurch. Now. Better still, email it and pay by internet banking and this will speed up the processing time. Contact the Membership Officer if you have questions about joining, kayak storage, or membership generally.

In return, we ask you to abide by the rules of the club (below), pay your subs on time, help out whenever you can, and have a good time on and off the water.



You need to be a current financial member to store your craft in the Club. There are currently limited storage spaces available, so if you would like one, please contact Storage is currently $120 per year (equates to $10 per month) and we align it to your annual anniversary date. We try to put the longer craft in the east shed (closest to road, as it's slightly wider) and the shorter craft in the west shed (closest to the river). The shed plans can be found on the walls near each door at the club.  Just because a space is free does not mean it is available.  Do not leave your boat at the club until you have been in touch with us and we let you know where to put it.  There is nothing more frustrating for our members to turn up to put their boat away and find another boat in their spot.

General rules

For the safety of personal and club gear, the club house must be locked at all times, other than when changing or loading/unloading cars. Take your key fob with you when you go paddling, cycling or running. If you don’t have one already, key fobs can be obtained by contacting the membership officer and forwarding a $25 deposit to the club (P.O. Box 13-177, Christchurch) or paying by internet banking. Close the door behind you, even if there are still people in the building.

Visitors are welcome to use the clubhouse and gear under your supervision. Your hospitality is restricted to three visits (race days excepted). This restriction is in consideration of other club members who pay for use of the facilities and club gear.

Club craft and paddles may only be used on the Avon and Heathcote Rivers. For express permission to use them elsewhere, contact the Premises & Equipment Officer. Please fill out the logbook when using club equipment, so we can monitor usage.

No private gear or property is to be used or moved without the express permission of the owner. Club craft and equipment are clearly labelled.

Clean up after yourself. This means all your odd scraps of duct tape, squeezie sachets, drink bottles. Any stuff left in the clubrooms will be either binned or sold off.

Racing rules are on the Racing page.

Club Constitution

Click here for a copy of the current Arawa Canoe Club Constitution.