By joining the club you will have access to a variety of club boats to paddle on the Avon, which means you don't really need that much equipment to start with. 

What to bring to training sessions:

*  Towel

*  Change of clothes

*  Cap (helps keep the water from dripping on your face!)

*  Water bottle

*  Jacket if it's a bit wet - this is a water sport yes we do train in the rain!

*  When it's cold it is a good idea to wear thermals

*  A headlamp or lights for winter sessions (available for purchase thanks to the support of Torpedo 7 - contact arawainfo@gmail to reserve one for you)

*  Socks/Booties (wetsuit) are a fabulous investment - may pay to look at what other people are wearing before buying, to see what would suit you best.

If you are new to Christchurch and aren't sure how to find Kerr's Reach, read on....  Kerr's Reach is a bit notorious at not coming up when doing google searches - The entrance to Kerrs Reach is at the corner of Kerrs Road and Avonside Drive.  As well as being home to our club there are a number of rowing clubs and you drive past them to reach Arawa.  Located between the Avon River and what was Porritt Park.  Click here to see the Wises Map.

Beginner / Intermediate Sessions 

Held on the Avon River from our Clubrooms on Kerrs Reach.  Our club volunteers will aim to get the groups on the water at the following times:


Saturday 9.00am-10.00am 

 Introduction to paddling at Arawa

o   Keeping Safe

Note - PFDs are compulsory at Beginners sessions

o   Use of club equipment

  • Basic Technique
  • Develop independence for individual and group training outside coaching sessions. 


Thursday 5.30-7.00pm

These sessions are designed to build your confidence and prepare yourself to join the Thursday night Weedcatchers group.  Be ready for speed, technique and more speed!  You do need to be at an intermediate level to partake in this session, if you are unsure if you are ready, speak to the beginners coach and they can help.

  • Introduction to training
  • Technique development
  • Race skills

In order to best allocate equipment and coaches we have set up a facebook event for the above sessions.  Please go to our facebook page, select the correct date and click 'going', no later than the night before.  This means that our coaches can see how many will be coming to each session and plan accordingly.  If your plans change and you won't be able to make the selected session, please revisit the page and update to 'not going' so we aren't looking for you.  The best way to communicate prior to these is via our facebook page messages, as this is monitored by several committee members, rather than sending an email that may not be checked until after the session has passed.

Our training sessions are aimed at those new to our sport, free of charge for members.  If you want to try kayaking, you can attend three of these session free of charge before we ask you to join the club if you wish to continue.   We can supply kayaks, paddles and life jackets, but beware if you are using Club gear, you will need to get there early, as it is "first in, best dressed" and people have their favourite items!  We have a limited number of Club beginner boats.

The first time you come down it pays to arrive around about 15 minutes early.  This will allow time for our team to show you where everything is and to help you select an appropriate boat.

The main focus of the beginner sessions is getting good habits built in at an early stage – you can always add the power and speed later, in your own time and training sessions.

Most of our beginner session paddlers are aiming for the Coast to Coast, so the training is broadly structured around that goal. If you intend to do the C2C, get started with your paddling as soon as you can – April/May/June will ensure you get enough paddle skills and miles under your belt to ensure you enjoy the Waimak, rather than grovel and swim your way down.


Weedcatchers -  Thursday

The Weedcatchers sessions are almost as old as Arawa!  These sessions are held Thursday at 5:30pm, from the Clubrooms - the session starts at the first bridge at 5:45pm.  

Get hard, go harder. Weedcatchers is a mix of technique and speed work for intermediate to advanced kayakers, with lots of interesting ways of getting the training and skills up. The Weedcatchers sessions are broken down into groups, so that the groups don’t get spread down the length of the Avon. This means there’s a group for you – get out there and make the most of it.

All are welcome at these sessions, although it is recommend that you be comfortable paddling for at least an hour with some stability in your boat.  You don't need to be super fast to join the Weedies Crew (although if you are that's fine too) the intervals are organised to allow for paddlers of varying top and cruising speeds.  

A great way to meet fellow paddlers and push yourself that bit much more than what you would if you only paddle on your own.

The first Thursday of every month the Weedies Crew converge on the Speights Ale House on Bealey for a post weedies catchup and a bite to eat.  We do tactfully suggest that if you've been for a paddle that take a shower first!


Junior sessions

The junior sessions are aimed at establishing good technique and providing structured training for young paddlers who wish to realise their full potential in the sport of kayaking. 

For more information on these session please in the first instance email: 




School Holiday Programmes / Extra Sessions


From time to time extra training and programmes are held.  Information will be updated here as events are planned and dates are finalised. 


We welcome feedback from potential and exisiting members.  Please send to:

Note: We don’t do grade 2 certificates, check out the Coast to Coast website for a list of course instructors (we offer no guarantees about their quality). Do your grade 2 course as soon as possible, and get some river time up.